Implementing Privileged Access Management to achieve security compliance




The challenge 

A global provider of Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) services, specialized in settling domestic and cross-border securities transactions, initiated in 2017 its Privileged Access Management 2.0 (PAM) after several security audits showed security risks. On the one hand, our Devoteam Technology department was selected to implement CyberArk at the client. Devoteam Management Consulting, on the other hand,  took up the global program management and change management to guarantee the adoption of all required changes and to ensure timely delivery of the program.


The solution 

Our team was enrolled in the second phase of the PAM project, which focused on the onboarding of 178 critical applications and the migration from PowerBroker to OPM for on-demand privileged access on Unix.


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To ensure a successful implementation, our team concentrated on four key elements: 

  • Product: we assured a seamless CyberArk implementation and integration. 
  • Process: we made the necessary adjustments in policies, procedures, and processes to adopt the new technology. 
  • People: we trained the people according to their new way of working to drive change adoption.
  • Partner: we ensured close collaboration with Cyberark as the vendor in order to support and deliver quality connectors for various applications.


Main results

Our 4P approach allowed our client to address the identified security vulnerabilities and reduce the risks related to privileged accounts through: 

  • The implementation of increased Privileged Access protection to the Swift environment. 
  • Compliance with security requirements of the NBB and Swift.
  • The securitization of the Swift infrastructure by implementing an isolation layer between these critical assets and the rest of the IT estate.
  • Collecting, detecting, and responding to high-risk, anomalous activity within local Swift environments.



We were able to successfully reduce the risks of privileged accounts by implementing CyberArk, adapting the affected operational processes and through the adoption of change via training.