Transform from a cost center to a business value enabler

Devoteam Management Consulting is often a partner to the CIO of our clients. Together, we build on the future of the IT divisions and address the opportunities and risks associated with digital information.

Our services will address the challenges you might have in 4 key areas:

  • Agile IT – ITOM: How can I increase agility, quality, predictability, speed, and transparency within the delivery and operational value streams?
  • Cyber Security: How can I assure confidentiality, integrity, and compliance to the business within a rapidly evolving technological landscape?
  • Innovation (AI, IOT…): How can I speed up business value contribution by leveraging the innovative techniques of industry 4.0  such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, blockchain, or the Internet of things?
  • Digital Workplace: How can we improve collaboration and communication? How can we provide an effective and valuable digital workplace that allows the organization to continue doing business regardless if our workforce is centralized, decentralized or remote?

The challenge

The challenge for most of our clients is straightforward: IT needs to transform from a cost center to a business value enabler. More and more organizations use IT as a strategic tool to gain competitive advantages. However, this is easier said than done. Delivery and operational processes are often out-of-date and technology is evolving so rapidly that clients cannot cope with the trends. We are the CIO’s right hand or trusted advisor to ensure the IT organization is up for the challenge.

“By 2022, 70% of IT organizations will have transitioned from builders and operators to designers and integrators of digital solutions that come to define every product, service, or process.”

– IDC FutureScape for Worldwide CIO Agenda 2020

Our value proposition

For all four areas, Devoteam Management Consulting provides a pragmatic, hands-on roadmap that is driven by a 4E process and that is structured around a 4P approach.  

We offer strategic advisory to position your IT division as a strategic business partner. Envision, Establish, Evaluate, Evolve are the steps of our 4E process that guide our clients on their search for value in the area of agile IT, cybersecurity, innovation and/or a digital workplace.

Based on our experience, we believe that value can be created in four main blocks (4P): People, Products, Processes, and Partners. Our offering will allow your IT organization to build upon one of these four Ps, established through one or more sub-offers.

We offer strategic advisory to position your IT division as a strategic business partner.



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