Ensure business continuity from day 1 with a holistic M&A approach

There are many reasons for companies to execute a merger & acquisition deal. The most common reasons are the pursuit of growth or the ability to create synergies. M&As have become “tools” to support an organization’s strategic capabilities. Still, many firms seem to fail due to numerous issues regarding cultural mismatch, regulation & policies, political issues, operational disparity, failed value/synergy creation etc. Devoteam Management Consulting offers a structured approach that includes critical success factors across every aspect of a M&A trajectory.

The challenge

According to Devoteam Management Consulting, communication is of utmost importance during the entire M&A process. Changes in strategic directions, governance structure, business processes, IT environment and organizational dynamics should be addressed and communicated towards every employee. We believe successful M&As occur when change and the driver behind the strategic choice are clearly conveyed. Our consultants have the ability to create a state of understanding and acceptance throughout the entire organization.

“When a company is acquired, the number of ‘actively disengaged employees’ increases by 23% even if there is no significant impact on their job”

– Aon Hewitt

Our value proposition

Devoteam Management Consulting guides its clients during the due-diligence, pre- and post-merger phase of their M&A. Clear communication takes a central role at every stage of the process


Strategic advisory

  1. M&A strategy formulation: We leverage experts who formulate the strategy and provide useful insights to understand the resources required for the strategy, taken into account the specific motives for a M&A. 
  2. Target selection: Our consultants will help select the best strategic fit through an initial objective analysis. 
  3. Due-diligence activities: A more thorough analysis is executed into various areas of the target company like financial capabilities and performance, product portfolio, customer base, marketing, research and development, IT, organisational culture and so on. The due diligence process is a crucial step towards a successful M&A. It provides valuable information and identifies issues early on. 

Transformation services

  1. Pre-merger planning: An effective governance structure, a good risk management strategy and a clear change & communication plan allows us to secure business continuity at day 1. Moreover, our consultants will perform a high level mapping of both organization’s processes and identify quick synergies. 
  2. Post-merger integration:  Our consultants will manage the execution of the integration, including risk management, change management and further leveraging synergies and the integration of processes.



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